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Polurrian on the Lizard Wedding

Becca + Sam

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Becca and Sam chose our cinematic drone package for their special day, the perfect choice for a wedding located at the stunning Polurrian on the Lizard. Surrounded by dramatic cliff tops, a small intimate beach and the sea, this really is a recipe for the perfect wedding film.
Sam and Becca’s day started off with Sam getting the date of their wedding day tattooed on his ring finger, and this was only the start of all the excitement to come!

The well lit and intimate bridal suite provided such an amazing atmosphere for Becca’s bridal prep. Surrounded by her bridesmaids the excitement was contagious. With laughter, tears and Prosecco being shared all around everyone was in high spirits. The small intricate details that went into this day really made it what it was. Becca’s dress was absolutely gorgeous, coupled with the neutral tones of her floral arrangement made it an absolute treat to film and allowed for long, cinematic shots of her dress, as can be seen in the trailer.

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The ceremony was small and intimate as many had travelled quite far to be their in support of Becca and Sam. As they exchanged personal and heartfelt vows, the sun shone in through the glass wall, filling the room with warmth and emotion. Despite the gathering being small in number the cheer was loud and the confetti rained down over them as they had now officially become husband and wife.

Shortly after the ceremony we managed to find a break in the rain and headed down to the small beach, just a 2 minute walk away from the venue. The dramatic cloud and strong sunlight coupled with a deserted beach lead to us capturing some of the most perfect couples shots. You could see the joy in Becca and Sam’s eyes as they ran around the deserted beach, splashing in the water and embracing one another!

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Despite being inside due to the rain, the glass walls of the Polurrian allowed the reception room to be light and airy providing a perfect view of the surrounding coastline. After canapes and group photos, we then moved into the dining room where the speeches took place. The delicate table decorations were a dream to film and added such a nice dynamic to the videos and the day overall.

Shortly before first dance an impromptu game of ‘Mr and Mrs’ was played leaving everybody in fits of laughter as the couple competed to complete the tasks first and win the game. After the uncles had a dance off the last round was won by whoever managed to fetch an item from a guest and sit down on their seat first, this ended with Sam rushing back to his seat and slipping just before he could reach it; leaving him and Becca in fits of laughter.

After first dance, everyone went outside for sparklers. As Sam and Becca walked through the sparkler tunnel they were met with singing and dancing by the loved ones surrounding them. A truly special day, for an amazing couple. To get a glimpse into the day take a look at their trailer.

Video Trailer


Photography – Pink Wave Photography
Venue – Polurrian on the Lizard
Catering – Polurrian on the Lizard
Cake – Red Robin
Wedding Decor – Emily Rose
Hair Stylist – Hair by Melody
Makeup- Hannah Symons
Evening Entertainment – Sound One DJ

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