Carlyon Bay Wedding Marryoke

Carlyon Bay Wedding Marryoke

Laurie & Naomie

Shut Up and Dance Marryoke

Here is Laurie and Naomie’s Carlyon Bay Wedding Marryoke (Marryoke is where we make a music video on the day of your wedding) They choose the song Shut Up And Dance.

I Do Film Weddings started early in the morning to be able to get to both the bride and groom’s preparation locations, and it was definitely worth it. Everyone was keen, and we managed to get some amazing footage before the service.

The couple had their reception at the stunning Carlyon Bay Hotel in St Austell, Cornwall. There had a great group of friends and family who all wanted to get involved, and as you can see from the video it was jam packed of them.



Marryoke Video


Venue Carlyon Bay

Marryoke Produced By I Do Film Weddings

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